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Starting my career as an in-house translator, I have been immersed in translation work and its perks, such as meeting and satisfying new clients on a frequent basis, learning about new contents, cultures and industries and discovering new interests.

My interest and dedication in translation have been present since my teenage time. Interested in foreign pop cultures, I spent most of my free time then on watching foreign TV contents, films and Manga. As I watched and read, I learned that there are a lot of mistranslation and lack of context in translated contents, which even I, who could not speak any foreign language fluently, could easily notice and would like to fix. At one point, editing the mistranslated or poorly translated parts of the contents became my hobby, and it helped myself stay observant when consuming foreign contents. Growing up with such traits, I have developed the ability to pay attention to details, which has become one of the most valuable assets in my profession.

Working as an in-house translator for a translation company was the most valuable and inspiring experience in my career. Not only did I have a chance to work with the most passionate and talented people, but also I was exposed to a variety of languages, culture and expertise on a daily basis. In particular, having myself thrown into a fast-paced environment where I was sometimes left with no choice but translating unfamiliar areas widened my sights greatly.

Since games have been my top interests since my childhood, I decided to jump into and learn the game industry myself after working as an in-house translator for a while, so I can have professional experience in the field, rather than just playing games as a consumer, and I can utilise my interest as an expertise in my profession. Working as a contractor for two small game publishing businesses, I had a chance to translate game contents and manage the localisation process, understanding both translator's and project manager's perspectives.

Providing translation, reviewing, testing service and assistance to some of my acquaintances within my network, I have started freelancing. I am currently a full-time freelance Translator, eager to be part of and contribute to client's success in the Korean market.


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