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I have immersed myself in my practice and have grown to love the benefits and opportunities that emerge from working as a translator. I enjoy meeting new clients and satisfying their needs while learning about new products, new cultures, and new methods of content creation.

My interest in translation first blossomed as a teenager watching foreign film and television, listening to music from around the world, and reading manga. As I consumed all of this awesome content with enthusiasm, I could not help but notice that more often than not the attempts at localization were often lacking, both in terms of accuracy and local context. I began carrying out my own translations of my favorite media as a hobby which led to me being highly appreciated by my employers and clients once I began working professionally. The most valuable lesson this process taught me was that, in the field of localization, attention to detail is key.

Working as an in-house translator for a world renowned translation company was the most valuable and inspiring experience of my career. Not only did I have a chance to work with passionate and talented professionals, I was regularly exposed to a variety of languages, cultures, and expertise. The cut and thrust of the professional field saw me face many challenges, most notably when I would have to learn about subjects that I previously had little knowledge of. Converting a text from one language to another word-for-word is not enough, a successful translator needs to possess intimate knowledge of the subject in question if they are to achieve a perfect end product.

Growing up I developed a passion for gaming and after finding my feet as a professional translator working on a wide variety of projects I decided to combine my two passions and seek work in the video game industry. I have since worked as a contractor for two independent video game publishers which has given me insight into the entire localization and product management process as far as video games are concerned.

Working for indies is often challenging; flexibility is a key asset and you often find yourself taking on a variety of roles. My experience in the video games industry saw me providing translation and localization services as well as fulfilling quality assurance and product management tasks. With this wide-ranging experience and knowledge under my belt I am keen to apply my skillset to clients from all fields.



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